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Connective System

Power levels of the PowerBox Connective can be controlled by the synchronized (in real time) PedalBox! You have the power in your hands. Control the power levels of your vehicle or your PowerBox Nitro – easily with the PedalBox.

$1,158.00 $997.00 incl. GST  

PowerBox Nitro

The PowerBox Nitro – the upper class of CPA Chiptuning product range. The fast frequency of the processor and the detailed worked out software development let the PowerBox Nitro become our top model.

$828.00 $694.00 incl. GST  

PowerBox Ultra

The PowerBox Ultra allows real time adaptive mapping by using its high quality CPU and cleverly designed software.

$479.00 $399.00 incl. GST  

PowerBox Pro

The PowerBox Pro is our entry level chip tuning. More noticeable performance and great value for money are some of the main arguments for the PowerBox Pro.
The PowerBox Pro counts with your ATmega168 16Mhz processor for a fast tuning box in your price range. The PowerBox Pro has a waterproof and horizontal split casing. These clear advantages, as well as the specially inhouse-developed automotive connector make our basic version a great TuningBox at all.

$345.00 $299.00 incl. GST  


Our PedalBox accelerator module, features the new Multi-Processor-System. You will feel immediate throttle response without the additional delays amplified by a typical turbo lag in a modern engine. Easily adjustable from race to economic mode – upon simple press of a button!

$329.00 $299.00 incl. GST