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Italian roadster with Japanese genes

Abarth 124 Spider

If the Fiat logo has to give way to the Scorpion then that means a lot of power under the hood. So also with the Abarth 124 Spider which is, like the tame version of Fiat, technically based on the Mazda Rx-5. CPA lends a hand to the Fiat tuned by Abarth – with success. PowerBoxs specific software optimizes horsepower and torque. As a result, up to 215 hp and 315 Nm are possible. The 4-cylinder turbo appears cultured and powerful after the performance cure. The Chiptuning is particularly noticeable in the passage of the Abarth, as the power-to-weight ratio has now been significantly improved. Give your Abarth the performance it deserves.

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