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Connective System

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Power levels of the PowerBox Connective can be controlled by the synchronized (in real time) PedalBox! You have the power in your hands. Control the power levels of your vehicle or your PowerBox Nitro – easily with the PedalBox.

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The PowerBox Nitro enables Chiptuning in the nanosecond range and adapts, via real time map optimization. PowerBox Nitro adopts to every driving situation.. perfectly as the synchronised  PedalBox allows a noticeably better throttle response and thus a sportier handling. In terms of security the PedalBox is with its Multy-Processor-System far ahead of the competitors. The interaction of the PowerBox Nitro and our PedalBox allows easy mode changes. By pressing the + button (PedalBox) the response of the throttle pedal is noticeably sportier and the PowerBox Nitro changes the power level to race.

Sporty throttle responsess

With the PedalBox you can control your throttle pedal much better. The response of the engine develops much more dynamics – just as you dose it!


The most important feature for your safety. Our engineers have developed an ingenious control mechanism, the logic of which ensures mutual control of both processors. This reduces the risk of default by 1.000 times.

Perfect complement to Chiptuning

The optimized response through our PedalBox is the perfect complement to Chiptuning.


Experience in racing

The management and development team at CPA Chiptuning can look back on more than 40 years of racing experience in motorsport. These included Formula 2 (EC), World Championship races in motorcycle racing, go-kart racing, Supermoto and most recently the national Superbike class.


In our PowerBoxes you will only find fast and high quality processors. The top models of our processors work in the nanosecond range and thus can ensure fast characteristic optimization. The high speed emphasizes our commitment to technology leadership!


maximum performance increase, low fuel savings


noticeable increase in performance, low fuel savings


low power increase, maximum fuel savings


Again, the experienced CPA engineers have convinced developmentally. As one of the first manufacturers the development work was pushed under high pressure at CPA. The result is convincing. CPA Chiptuning today offers outstanding solutions for cars with SENT or i-ART technology.

CPA-Switch Tech

Thanks to the patented switching of the individual channels, the CPA PowerBox Nitro is always the correct choice.

Characteristic map optimization with individual software

With CPA Chiptuning, you always receive a software that is exactly matched to your engine or car. A readjustment is therefore no longer necessary. This makes it possible to make better use of the power reserves of your engine without restricting longevity. Digital map optimization optimizes tuning data in real time.

Easy installation of the PedalBox


Open the bonnet.


Remove the engine cover. In most cases, the cover is clipped and can be easily removed by pulling.


Find connector on the vehicle. Not found: Send us a picture of the engine compartment to and give us your order number.


Unplug the original plug and connect the supplied CPA cable set with the two original plugs. Make sure that the plug is tight in place.


Connect the CPA PowerBox with the appropriate plug (CPA plug) on the cable set.


Attach the PowerBox and the cable set to a suitable location with the cable ties (away from sources of heat and moving parts).

Easy installation of the PedalBox


Release the throttle pedal: If necessary, remove the throttle pedal from the fitting to reach the connector.


Pull the original plug off the throttle pedal.


Insert the supplied wiring harness (adapter) between the throttle pedal and the original plug connection.


Connect the PedalBox to the supplied wiring harness.


Fix the throttle pedal. Be sure to ensure proper installation of the throttle pedal and correct routing of the cable connections.


If desired, you can fix the PedalBox in a suitable place with the supplied adhesive strip.

Chiptuning: Complex technique. Easy installation. Great effect.

What is still defined today as chiptuning, the technique of CPA has long developed from “simple” chiptuning. Rather, it involves complex algorithms whose software is developed by engineers and combined with know-how applied by our experienced technicians, resulting in a customized power increase for your car.

The focus is on the harmony between hardware and car-specific software. That’s why you as a customer can be sure to get the best possible performance increase at CPA.

Our claim: maximum performance and maximum safety perfectly combined for your car!

Technical data of the PedalBox

Processor CPA multy-processor-system™ ATmega328P (16 Mhz)
Core size 8
Characteristic map optimization 16
Power adjustable
Engine Safe System
Housing CPA Interior Automotive (BayBlend T 65 XF)
Dimensions 4,9 cm x 7,6 cm x 1,1 cm

Characteristic map optimization on the gas pedal

Our ingenious software, specially developed for your throttle pedal, optimizes the characteristic map of your throttle pedal as desired. Put our PedalBox in sports mode. As shown in the diagram on the left, you will experience your car again with unsurpassed liveliness and sporty throttle response. Switching to comfort mode (Eco II) allows fuel-efficient driving and can be of great help in city traffic and traffic congestion.


By controlling (optimizing) up to 4 channels, thousands of parameters per second can be adjusted for optimum performance in all areas of the respective driving situation. The many years of experience in racing enable the CPA engineers to combine optimal performance and practicality.

4 channels

The use of up to 4 channels allows the developers and engineers a very precise and efficient coordination of the software. Up to 15 different parameters are optimized.